Why Robotics?

Robots in the Library

Our Mission: We Power Learning!

We aim to empower kids to learn through hands-on programs that bring subjects to life, focusing on the development of literacy, digital, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills.

The Many Benefits of FIRST®

Our own research – data gathered from surveying program participants – shows that team members gain many useful skills and considerable experience by participating in this program.

Read on for insights into our program and links to additional research studies conducted by FIRST®.

2015 Data Summary

This infographic shows the data gathered from our 2014-15 Post-Season survey (click image for full-size).















Additional Resources:

FIRST® & 40: How FIRST® Programs Fulfill the 40 Developmental Assets® for Youth (PDF)

The 2014-15 FLL Post-Season Survey (PDF)

2014-15 FLL Post-Season Survey Data Results on SlideShare

FIRST® Impact Study (PDF)

Analysis of Relevant Educational Standards for FIRST®





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