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Resources for Building & Game Strategy

PDF: FLL Engineering Notebook TemplateNBPL Robotics

PDF: LEGO Technic Parts GuideNBPL Robotics

Worksheet: FLL Mission Difficulty EvaluationNBPL Robotics

Worksheet: Mission Progress Quarter Sheet NBPL Robotics


General Resources & Recommended Links

Building and programming instructions for NXT robots. Many of the designs have mechanisms that could come in handy for FLL robots. Designs that we have found to make strong base robots include the 3-motor chassis, the multi-bot, and the forklift.

Category: Building, Programming

The Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program conducts workshops on all aspects of FLL and all of their materials are available for download online.

Category: Building, Coaching, Programming

A blog by a veteran FLL coach. He offers many free resources, including a robot design guide, and has good information to share.

Category: Building, Coaching, Programming

Does your team need to order more of a certain LEGO Technic  part, but you can’t figure out what it’s called? Enter the number of the set you are using in this website’s search, and it will show you all the pieces that are included in the set. Click on the one you are looking for and it will give you a part number/code, which you can use to order from LEGO itself or a site like

Common set numbers:

EV3 Core Set # 45544-1

EV3 Expansion Set #45560-1

NXT 2.0 #8547-1

Category: Building

“The Unofficial LEGO Marketplace” lets you search by set, style, or part ID number. Parts are provided by a variety of independent sellers around the world. Handy if you’re looking for some of the more uncommon pieces to use on your robot (pneumatics, etc.).

Category: Building

Resources on many aspects of FLL; includes the TechBrick ruler to measure axles and beams, worksheets specific to the season’s Challenge, and a guide to uncommon LEGO parts that are very useful on robots.

Category: Building, Programming, Strategy

carnegie mellon robotics academy – ev3 online curriculum

Online video-based curriculum on programming with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. Great for beginners and intermediate programmers alike.

Category: Programming


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